Athletic Performance Races


Sponsored Races & Events

1)  The 24th Annual Los Gatos Resolution Run on January 1 of each year at Los Gatos High School at 9:00am - 5.0 miles to the top of the Lexington Dam and Back.  Run by  Athletic Performance.  Can register with Athletic Performance or   

2)  The 40th Annual Los Gatos All-Comer Winter Track Meets at Los Gatos High School:  Every Saturday  in January/February starting at 1:00pm.  8 Meets.  All events for all ages.  Run by Athletic Performance, Los Gato Athletic Association, Los Gatos HS. Track Team.  Meet Directors Willie Harmatz - CCS Top 8 Track and Field Classic at Los Gatos High School on Saturday, April 21, 2018, starting at 3:30pm, sponsored by Athletic Performance, the LGAA, and Los Gatos High School Track Team, register through your high school and being in the top 16 in CCS. Meet Directors Mike Dudley and Willie Harmatz.